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WRID-LD is a low-power religious television station in Richmond, Virginia, broadcasting on digital channel 48 as a Daystar owned-and-operated station.


The station signed on June 2, 1992 with translator calls W48BI and was owned by VVILPTV, INC.

Richmond's next WB affiliate[]

When the market's WB affiliate WAWB (now WUPV) became a UPN affiliate in March 1997, Richmond was left without a full-time WB affiliate. In the early 2000, there were several attempts to launch a stand-alone station to carry the network. W48BI was one of two possible candidates for the network affiliate which declined the offer or launch a brand new station on channel 19 that later became an outlet for Charlottesville's CBS affiliate WCAV in 2004. NBC affiliate, WWBT became a secondary WB affiliate from 1999 to August 2006 during the early morning hours.

In late August 2006, WUPV took secondary affiliation to The WB on selected nights until the closing of that network when it merged with UPN to become The CW.

WRLH-TV carried selected Kids' WB programming from 1998 to 2001.

As a ShopNBC affiliate[]

In 2003, the station became a ShopNBC affiliate.

Current affiliation with Daystar[]

In 2004, the station was bought by Word of God Fellowship, Inc. (a Daystar subsidiary) and changed its to calls WRID-LP to reflect its Daystar affiliation and uses local insertion of the station's ID.

WRID relies largely on its Daystar programming with no local programming.

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