WDWO-CD, virtual channel 18 (UHF digital channel 22), is a low-powered, Class A Azteca América owned-and-operated television station licensed to Detroit, Michigan, United States. The station is owned by HC2 Holdings. WDWO-CD's transmitter is located on West 11 Mile Road in Southfield.

History[edit | edit source]

The station was founded on April 13, 1989, but did not sign on until sometime in 1993 as W44AR (channel 44), owned by a local religious organization, Detroit World Outreach.

The station went silent in July 1999, due to CBS owned-and-operated station WWJ-TV (channel 62) starting up its digital signal on that channel, but returned to air on channel 18 on February 25, 2000, under TCT ownership. The station was sold, apparently since DWO couldn't afford keeping the station, or enduring any expenses to move the channel.

The station also had a rebroadcaster on channel 27 in Ann Arbor. That channel was originally W59CA (channel 59), a repeater of Saginaw's WAQP, serving Jackson, which was relocated to Ann Arbor in November 2000 and renamed W27CJ. In November 2007, the repeater was sold to SMG Media Group and the call sign changed to WHDA-LP, and later to WFHD-LP, which has since been sold and is currently silent. Plans were for the station to broadcast all local programming from Ann Arbor in 100% high definition digital format[citation needed]; however, the station's future is unknown, and for a while, the WFHD calls were pending reassignment to W36CO in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a new digital Spanish-language channel on that station.

In March 2013, TCT filed to sell WDWO-CD to LocusPoint Networks. The deal would have put the station under common ownership with another Detroit religious station, WUDT-LD; the sale of WDWO-CD closed on May 31, 2013, while LocusPoint's acquisition of WUDT-LD remains pending as of February 2017. Upon purchase by LocusPoint, the station moved its antenna from Dearborn to WKBD-TV's tower in Southfield. TCT agreed to reacquire WDWO-CD from LocusPoint in February 2017.

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