WDTT-LD is a low-powered television station that is licensed to and based in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Owned by Word of God Fellowship, Inc., the station is a Daystar Television Network affiliate, and it broadcasts a digital signal on UHF channel 24. The signal originates at a transmitter located near Sharp Ridge.

Daystar programming is also provided via WKNX-DT2 (virtual channel 7.2) to expand the station’s viewing area.

TV stations in Tennessee
Southeast Tennessee Mid-west Tennessee Mid-Eastern Tennessee West Tennessee Middle Tennessee Tri-Cities/Far East TN Northwest Tennessee
WOOT-LP, Chattanooga W18BL-D, Adamsville WKNX, Knoxville WPGF-LD, Memphis WRTN-LD, Alexandria WOPI-CD, Kingsport WUWT-CD, Union City
W18DS-D, Chattanooga WHJK-LD, Jackson WJDP-LD, Pigeon Forge WTWV, Memphis WETV-LP, Murfreesboro WKPT, Kingsport
WCNT-LP, Chattanooga WYJJ-LD, Jackson W14CX-D, Farragut WPYM-LD, Memphis WIIW-LP, Nashville WAPK-CD, Kingsport
WHUA-LP, Chattanooga WDTT-LD, Knoxville WBXP-LP, Memphis WCKD-LD, Clarksville
WDSI, Chattanooga WVLR, Tazewell W50EA-D, Memphis WNTU-LP, Nashville
WKXT-LD, Morristown WDNM-LD, Memphis W29DM-D, Lewisburg
W45DF-D, Knoxville WJDE-LD, Nashville
WJNK-LD, Nashville
WHTN, Murfreesboro
WKUW-LD, White House
WLLC-LP, Nashville
WJFB, Lebanon
WPGD, Hendersonville
TV stations in East Tennessee, including Knoxville
WKNX 7 (Ind)
W14CX-D 14 (3ABN)
WBXX 20 (CW)
WDTT-LD 24 (Daystar)
WTNZ 43 (Fox)
WAGV 44 (Ind)
W45DF-D 45 (HSN)
WPXK 54 (Ion)
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