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WDTB-LD is a Daystar-owned television station, under the license of Word of God Fellowship, Inc. The station is licensed to Hamburg, New York, but has applied for a change of its city of license from Hamburg to Buffalo. The station's signal on channel 40 was inactive/off the air due to a technical conflict with the digital signal of CFTO-TV; Toronto's digital signal also being on channel 40, though it is 65 miles away, but has returned to the air at some point following the Canadian digital transition, on August 31, 2011. It has since returned to the airwaves on UHF 29 with a Virtual channel of 39.1.


The station was granted a broadcast license on May 31, 1989 under the call sign W39BC on channel 39, but did not sign on until 1993. When WIVB-TV was granted channel 39 for its digital signal in 1997, W39BC was displaced, but allowed to move to channel 40, and gained the call-sign of WBUF-LP (no relation to the former WBUF-TV or the current WBUF-FM). In 1999, it gained its current call-sign.

TV stations in New York
Religious stations Spanish-language stations Ethnic and/or public secular stations Other stations
WNYB, Jamestown WNYN-LD, New York City WNDT-CD, New York City WEPT-CD, Newburgh
WDTB-LD, Buffalo WXTV-DT, Paterson/New York City WNYE, New York City WVTT-CD, Olean
W44CT-D, Albany WNJU, Linden/New York City WMBQ-CD, New York City WNCE-CD, Glens Falls
WNYI, Ithaca WFTY-DT, Smithtown/New York City WXNY-LD, New York City WJLP, Middletown Township/New York City
WTBY, Jersey City/New York City WPXO-LD, East Orange WNYX-LD, New York City WYCI, Saranac Lake
WDVB-CD, Edison WASA-LD, Port Jervis WNXY-LD, New York City W41DO-D, New York City
W20CQ-D, Hempstead WBQM-LD, Brooklyn WMBC, Newton/New York City WVBG-LP, Greenwich
WZME, Bridgeport/New York City WKOB-LD, New York City WRNN, New Rochelle/New York City
WVVH-CD, Southampton
WLNY, Riverhead/New York City
WBXZ-LP, Buffalo
WETM-DT2, Elmira
WBBZ, Springville/Buffalo
TV stations in Western New York, including Buffalo and Niagara Falls
WNLO 23 (CW)
WUTV 29 (Fox)
WDTB-LD 39 (Daystar)
WPXJ 51 (Ion)
WBXZ-LP 56 (Cozi)
WBBZ 67 (Ind.)