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W47CK is the low-powered, MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station for North Carolina's Cape Fear region that is licensed to Shallotte. It broadcasts an analog signal on UHF channel 47 from a transmitter, on Royal Oak Road in Lockwoods Folly Township, northwest of Supply. The station can also be seen on Time Warner Cable digital channel 1215. Syndicated programming on the station includes Access Hollywood, Family Feud, and Jerry Springer. The station mostly airs paid programming outside of those shows.

W47CK uses the fictional callsign "WMYW" in its branding, which is unrecognized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). W47CK is one of two television stations in Wilmington which continued to operate analog signals after the market's voluntary digital switchover on September 8, 2008 and has continued to broadcast in the same format since the June 12 national transition date.

W47CK has not applied for them or even to perform a "flash-cut" to digital with the FCC. Low-powered television stations like W47CK are not required to switch to digital in the United States though two other low-powered outlets (then-CBS affiliate and now independent station WILM-LD and former Trinity Broadcasting Network station W51CW) did make an early switch in Wilmington on the voluntary date.

For a period of time, WITN-DT2 from Washington, North Carolina could be seen on Time Warner Cable digital channel 931 in the greater Wilmington area since W47CK was technically ineligible for mandatory carriage on cable providers due to its low-powered status. As a result, the clearance allowed WITN-DT2 to unofficially serve as Wilmington's Me-TV outlet since, at that time, there was no associated television station with the network in the area. Eventually, Time Warner Cable would pick up W47CK on its digital tier and subsequently dropped WITN-DT2 from the lineup. WILM-LD in Wilmington eventually launched Me-TV on their second digital subchannel.

TV stations in North Carolina
WRDC, Durham

WMYV, Greensboro
W47CK, Wilmington
WITN-DT2, Washington

TV stations in the Wilmington, North Carolina area
WILM-LD 10 (Ind)
WSFX 26 (Fox)
W47CK 47 (MNTV)
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