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All about TV Stations, and their Networks!


1. Do not give threats to people. YOU GET AN IMMEDIATE BAN FOR DOING THIS!

2. Do not cause drama. It just gives everyone stress.

3. Do not make unneeded edits. An example would be putting a MyNetworkTV station as a Fox station.

4. No comments saying stuff like "This station is a pile of crap!" If you want to do that, go to YouTube, not here!

5. No fictional TV stations. There is a wiki for that!

6. No obscene material.

7. Have fun!

Chat rules[]

1. Don't spam. It annoys EVERYONE in the chat.

2. Don't talk about gross off topic stuff. the first offense gives you a kick, after that, you get a chat ban.

3. You may curse IN MODERATION.


1. Add an infobox and a DMA navbox (COMING SOON) to your page. An infobox can be found at

2. If you see a grammar mistake, fix it!

3. Add a logo to your page.

4. When possible, add a screencaps gallery to your page. I say when possible because not every station has readily available screencaps online.

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