KWCM-TV is the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member Public television station for southwest and west-central Minnesota. The station is licensed to the town of Appleton, and airs on digital channel 10, which is also its virtual channel. It operates a full-time satellite, KSMN-TV (digital channel 15, virtual channel 20) in Worthington. It is operated by the West Central Minnesota Educational Television Company.

Together, the two stations are known as Pioneer Public Television. Signals from the stations can also be received in parts of Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Several other translators carry the signal into other communities.

KWCM went on the air for the first time on February 7, 1966. In the early years, it repeated the signal of KTCA-TV in the Twin Cities. It adopted the Pioneer Public Television name in 1982, and added KSMN in 1997.

The station is available on the DirecTV and Dish Network feeds for the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls markets. Appleton is part of the Twin Cities market, while Worthington is part of the Sioux Falls market. This gives Pioneer a potential audience of 4.8 million people in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

KWCM and KSMN's broadcasts are now digital-only, effective 9pm June 12, 2009.


On 21/1/1980, KWCM signed on. Soon after, on 3/2/1997, KAWB signed on.

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