History Edit

Early YearsEdit

KOAC was the first year in 1949.

The Big 10 Edit

In 1956. ABC came here in 1956 & FOX's Station. WTVT. They had Big 13.

First Air Date Edit

The 1962-present Logo is Now Here. But is 1962-1964.

Color Star 10 Edit

The 1964 -1967 logo was that. The other is Channel 13 is WTVT.

The Big ABC Edit

In 1967. The Big ABC was in 1967. It ended in 1974.


After so many logos of KOAC-TV. They started CBS in 1995.

Cat NumbersEdit

They did Cat Numbers 1 to 10 from 1999.

CBS's O&O IDEdit

The ident was born 2003


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