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KAYU-TV, virtual and UHF digital channel 28, is a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Spokane, Washington, United States and also serving Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The station is owned by Mountain Broadcasting, LLC, a subsidiary of Northwest Broadcasting. KAYU's studios are located on South Regal Street in Spokane, and its transmitter is on Krell Hill southeast of Spokane.

On cable and satellite, the station can be seen in high definition on Comcast Xfinity channel 103 in the Spokane area, Charter Spectrum channel 1206 in the Coeur d'Alene area and the Palouse, and channel 28 (in both standard and high definition) on Dish Network and DirecTV.

The station is also carried on cable systems in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, both of which are double the size of KAYU's American coverage area. One result of this is that stations in Calgary and Edmonton air American shows on Pacific Time, even though Calgary and Edmonton are both on Mountain Time. It is one of five local Spokane area television stations seen in Canada on the Shaw Direct satellite service. It can also been seen on local cable systems in eastern British Columbia.


The station was founded in 1982 by Spokane native Robert Hamacher and his company, Salmon River Communications. It was Spokane's first independent station, as well as the first new commercial station to sign on in the area since KREM-TV (channel 2) hit the airwaves 28 years earlier. It is also the oldest non-Big Three station in the eastern part of the state. It joined Fox as a charter affiliate in 1986.

On October 1, 1989, KAYU-TV launched two low-power semi-satellites: K53CY in Yakima (known on-air as "KCY"), and K66BW in the Tri-Cities (branded as "KBW"). Both stations aired most of KAYU's programming (with the exception of select programs that KAYU did not have the rights to show in those markets), though with local commercials. K53CY was replaced in 1993 by K68EB, though it continued to go by "KCY" outside of station identifications. The station also operated a semi-satellite in Wenatchee known as KCWT channel 27 from 1986 until 1990, that station is now defunct.

Salmon River Communications sold KAYU-TV, along with K68EB (which was soon renamed KCYU-LP), KBWU-LP (the former K66BW), and KMVU in Medford, Oregon, to Northwest Broadcasting in 1995. KCYU and KBWU remained semi-satellites of KAYU until 1999, when sister station KFFX-TV signed on from Pendleton, Oregon and became their parent station; both stations (now KCYU-LD and KBWU-LD) continue to carry KFFX's programming to this day.

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